Geozone International - GZI

Geozone International is run by Thomas Liljedahl, offering freelance consultant work for a number of Swedish, Norwegian and international consultants and oil companies, within the fields of oil and gas exploration and environmental studies. He has been involved in seismic interpretation for hydrocarbon prospecting and development more than 20 years, on the Norwegian shelf, the UK North Sea, the Nile Delta and many other areas. He has furthermore 10 years of experience from industry and research collaboration projects concering contaminated land management. For more personal details se Linked in

Geozone International AB is based in Umeň, Sweden. The organisation was started in 2006 as a Swedish registered limited liability company. Updated legal and financial data on the company can be found on Alla Bolag

We are involved in development of geothermal energy projects.

Since a few years we are doing screen-writing for the entertainment industry. Several projects are underway.

More about this at www.bill.wf


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